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Moody Inspection & Assurance Limited is a leading provider of assessment, inspection and certification. MOODY is fully accredited by ASCB (E) – Accreditation Service for Certifying Bodies (Europe) Limited (www.ascb.co.uk or www.ascb.com ) to issue the accredited certificate of ISO various schemes around the world.

ASCB Background:

On ASCB’s basis and “government recognition”

“In 1995, ASCB, the Accreditation Service for Certifying Bodies (Europe) Ltd. was formed to accredit a range of non-governmental certifying bodies that assess products, personnel and management systems. ASCB is a private limited company registered in England and Wales registered number 3132143. The company is therefore registered as a trading concern with the appropriate United Kingdom authorities. The authority vested in ASCB Ltd is that assigned to them by the certifying body and by the organization in respect of the accreditation services contracted. No claim as to statutory, legislative, authority, prominence or right given by any other party unless specified by ASCB Ltd is claimed. Organizations are advised that ASCB Ltd provide accreditation services and are known to the U K Government Department of Trade and Industry as doing so”.

ASCB’s International affiliations and Central Registration system of accredited certificates

“ASCB belong to the Global Accreditation Forum (GAF), an international association for accreditation, which promotes best practices in quality assurance worldwide. To date ASCB has accredited over 90 certification bodies, registered over 3500 assessors, auditors and quality related personnel achievements; and certificated over 30,000 organizations. All certificated bodies, organizations and products are placed on the International Register (IRQAO) that has a live search function, providing the user with instant verification of the authenticity of any ASCB- and other accredited certificate holder”

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